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scribbles from lucid dreaming (aka notes at 1am)

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Sometimes I have really weird thoughts and mental chats while I’m in and out of sleep. Here is the most recent collection of them.

Perhaps a professor

who undergoes research bouts

or collects sources to ribbon together

as fact of experience

to craft my own thoughts.

And derive the privilege to explore

the world outside clinical confines or

academic walls.

A touch of freedom

the taste of travel

wanderlust, I presume.

Reconnecting to the artsy

the book-infused

the sociological side of life.


The outdoors:

lightness of being from sunlight,

dappling a chimera city that I call

my “for now” home.


Strokes on my baby’s head, soft

her languid, lazily opened eyes driving into content sleep

Nostalgia or nosferato?

Blood sucking I am used to; blood is freely given.

Time is stolen.

Breastfeeding love despite sacrifice of time.

Excited to share the world.


Smell of burning firewood during campfire piles reminds of

familial community aching,

but absence filled by anecdotal and perceived noise.


Raising a baby alone by internet,

but wary of lapses in previous generation.


Wanderlust of mind and eyes.

Sunlight glow within:

“a love of things that grow”

“everything the light touches.”


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