Book Rx

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Eczema has had the unintended consequence of me isolating myself, and as a result I have had more time for solitary leisures, like reading (and especially during the witching hours of the night).

In the past I always liked sharing what I read with people, mostly my parents, which was great except they that they weren’t (and aren’t) always interested in hearing my long summation-style story rants about whatever I was (and am) reading. This is understandable since topics tend to vary a lot (a business using microbiomes in kefir for eczema, a Japanese artist getting arrested for making sculptures shaped like her vagina, the NYC-set Lovecraftian horror during the Jim crow era, a brilliant plant biologist’s autobiography including her battle with mental illness, Jesus’ best friend Biff’s untold tale of their childhood, etc). My reading “preferences” are nonexistent and I give virtually everything and any genre a shot. In short, I don’t blame my parents’ eyes for clouding over when I started with “so I’m reading this book now about…”.

But, because of this, I am always looking for people to share what I’m reading with in a more structured fashion (such as conversing about books the specific person will be interested in), and as such I thought up the idea of this little project… The FeralScribbler’s Book Prescriptions (or FeralScribbler’s Rx for short).

How it works? Well, I will be a one stop shop for book suggestion pairings (prescriptions) based on notes from you. So to get a prescription you just:

1. write me a note – Something about you (be it how you are feeling, your thoughts, a story from your life, your background, your dreams or aspirations, something you saw today, anything really that you want to share).

2. send me said note – Currently I receive notes through the “contact” button on the menu. Just be sure put ‘book Rx’ as the subject. In the future I may have a PO Box if there is enough demand and at that point I’ll encourage the sending of written notes (or written postcards; I love postcards) with return addresses.

3. await your book prescription – I will read your note and select a book I think fits something in your writing (maybe to help inspire you, or to support you, to challenge you, to amuse you, etc) and send you the book suggestion by up to 7 days.

And that’s it. So if you want to try it out, a link to the contact page is here.