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riddle me this (inspired by insomnia)

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What’s got both ridges and valleys
which tell time,
Can withstand the weight of mankind
but not for long,
Can be used for love or hate
and to experience the world,
Has languages of its own
but can also be quite mindless
Can lead to one’s destruction
or to one’s survival
Can be the epitome of cleanliness
or the harbinger of disease
Can create masterpieces
or deal with mistakes,
That most everyone has?

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hello new season!

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I love me some fall.
Born right before a time of thanks giving,
All Hallows eve as the favorite,
But Dia de los Muertes too,
And the allure of the medieval faires,
costumes, candy and color.

I love the crisp air smells,
the harvest season of bounty.
Pumpkins and apples are two of my favorites,
prerequisites for my sweet tooth preferences.
Surplus of hot beverages to soothe my soul.
Autumn is my season.

At the same time though,
eczema provokes hatred of cold.
The nip of jack frost early,
Equates regression to grumpy inconsolable,
as dampness of this coast seeps into the soul.

With autumn’s arrival,
Outfits at home are often accessorized,
with blankets,
the thicker the better,
new wealth built by warm layers.
Snuggles are needed,
for satiety of a vampire of heat,
but alas skin prevents it from being fait accompli,
as healing is slow.
In lieu, the bath,
concoction that I brew
to foster the feel
of physical familial warm
to ward of the bite
of Autumn’s sojourn