Eczema Everywhere Project

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In the United States alone, there are about 31.6 million people with some form of eczema.  That’s a little over 10% of the population, meaning the odds are about everyone 1 in 10 people you meet has eczema. So why does eczema feel so isolating?

My goal with this project is to collect stories, art, and other forms of expression from these eczema sufferers to show the world (especially those eczema sufferers) that we are not alone. This will be a series on the blog called the Eczema Everywhere Project.

To make this a reality, I need anyone who wants their voice to be heard about eczema to send in a submission. Submissions need to include a name (it can be a nickname, initials, or a first name) and the body of work (be it a story, memory, poem, angry rant, art, webcomic, etc). That’s it.

Email submissions with the subject of “eczema everywhere” to

Note: All submissions will be displayed on this blog (so by emailing me any submission, I am assuming consent to post to this site).

Also I constantly try to find others who talk about their experiences living with eczema. See my post in the past of eczema in the media and arts.




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